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Arts Partners

Arts Partners is a collective group project that is focused on rebuilding their website. Arts Partners is a local Peoria organization that is focused on spreading awareness about the local arts and artists in the Peoria area.
Redesign Process

The redesign of the website started with a moodboard that was sent to the client. Wireframes of the homepage were done after and then the design portion started. After the homepage wireframes, we then focused on headers and footers, making multiple versions of both. 

My Contributions

For this project, my first role was to design the home page and make the teaser boxes row. Eventually we came together with a final design for the home page and started making all of the internal information pages. I was tasked as the head of the front end development and was tasked with setting up the page foundations for the website. In WordPress I was able to learn how to use the ACF and CPT UI tabs which helped me learn my way through WordPress.

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