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2023 Caterpillar Design Challenge

Every year, Caterpillar Inc. hosts a design challenge on World Usability Day. They present students at Bradley a design issue that Caterpillar is facing, and ask them to solve it with the guidance of real world professionals.
Making the Persona

The persona was made to create reliable and realistic representations of the key audience and to replicate someone who could possibly end up using this extension. Using qualitative and some quantitative user research, I was able to narrow down a person who would be hired as a lab technician and use the SOS Fluid Analysis System.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis was made to see the main processes in which the competition of caterpillar were using. We narrowed it down to three companies that were doing either the same or similar processes to receive the samples from the machines that have been sent in.

Final Findings

The final findings for the project were very positive. We put the prototype on UserTesting and received the allotted number of responses. We had to make the decision to throw out one of the responses because it did not feel as if they knew what they were doing and that would tamper with the real results we were looking for. Overall the project was done very well by my group members and myself. Working with real world professionals also helped show what they were looking for from UX designers in a professional environment.

Thank you to my team members
UX Designer: Anthony Franz
UX Designer: Cole Dumroese
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