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This app is used by people who want to go and visit National Parks and travel all over the world. It can be used by anyone who wants to spend time outside and exploring. 
Making the User Flow

One of the first steps was to look at the way the app was structured and to make sure there aren't any problems in the flow. Since this was an app that was just starting out, there was a lot to add and a lot of room for change with the onboarding process. There were minor interactions in the app that needed to be fixed as well as some design errors that were fixed throughout the process.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 1.12.48 AM.png

The purpose of this app is to connect with users who spend time traveling and who want to explore the area around them and further. When using the app, there are different categories to choose from that allow you to choose between different regions and places. The app will remember any places you have been in the past and will keep them in a menu for you to look through them.

Early Inspiration

As someone who likes being outside and traveling, I came up with this idea because this is something that I would use. Although it is still in the early design phase, I do plan on finishing and cleaning up the design to make it work look and feel better.

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